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Cumbuco information

Cumbuco is a small fishers village 35 km north from the million-city Fortaleza. Cumbuco is the best place to stay. With nice uncrowded sandy beaches and palm trees everywhere. Characteristic for Cumbuco is how it is situated. At one side the nice blue sea at the other side the big sand dunes. The nice small center of Cumbuco is build around a town square with nice shops, bars and restaurants. Great value for money!

Wind and Climate

All year round good kitesurfing in Cumbuco. Best months are July until January. These months you can kite every day with kites between 6 and 14m2, size depends on your weight. In the other months the wind can also be really good. But do not forget to bring your biggest kite.. Behind Cumbuco are some really big dunes. The Dunes are creating some really warm air, which creates the every day blowing wind. The wind increases the more North you go. Not necessary to bring a wetsuit. Almost the whole year the water is like 22 to 27 degrees. Don't forget your lycra and your sun protection. Because Cumbuco is located on the equator, the sun is really strong!

Kitesurfing in Cumbuco

From Casa dos Ventos it`s only a 150 meter walk to the beach. Here you find the Golfinho hotel, Itaca hotel and Pousada Tendas where the most kiting finds place. Tip: 500 meters right from Golfinho hotel you find a place with some nice waves. 8 km downwind from Cumbuco is a nice laguna. This is a fresh water laguna called "Lagoa de Cauipe". Here the water is really flat. It's possible to do a down winder from Cumbuco to the laguna. When you do this downwinder you will find many nice waves on your trip there. This takes around 45 minutes. Don't forget to ask somebody to pick you up. The laguna is not so big and also well known by the local kiteschools. So it can be really crowded, especially during weekends.

When you want to have perfect waves just drive North for 1 hour and look for a place called Paracuru. This is one of the best places to go kiting. First 150 meters flat water, after that a perfect breaking wave on some reef. Not the perfect beginners place but for intermediate or advanced kiters a real paradise. Try to be there with lowtide. Other places North, Pecem, Taiba, Taiba lagoon, Fleixeras, Lagoinha, Prea, Jericoacoara etc.etc.

Flights to Cumbuco

Airport: Fortaleza (pinto martins)

Tap Portugal: This company flies from every big city in Europe towards Fortaleza. Big advantage is that you can take 2 x 30 kg with you.
Fly Brazil: Direct flights from Amsterdam to Fortaleza/Natal.

Transport from the airport

From Fortaleza to Cumbuco will take 40 minutes; we can provide transport and will cost about 25 euro.

Other activities in Cumbuco

- Kite- and windsurfing
- Surfing (in Icarai, Pecem, Paracuru)
- Buggy tour
- Sandboarding (behind Casa dos Ventos)
- Jetski (Lagoa Banana)
- Enjoying the endless deserted Cumbuco beaches
- Boottrips (Jangada)

Restaurants in Cumbuco

- Gaucho (BBQ restaurant)
- 0031 Bread & Beans (nice sandwich, good juice)
- Sabor de Praia (good food and cheap)
- ACL (Great chicken and Cheap)
- Muda restaurant (One of my favorites)
- O Acai ((One of my favorites)
- Exil (Best place to eat a german Schnitzel)
- Pizzeria Italia
- Gecko (great sandwiches)

* Usually the tip of 10% is already included in the price!

Bars in Cumbuco

- Laranja Mecanica Bar
- Bacana bar

Useful information

- Bank: 250 meter from CasadosVentos you find a bank at the gasstation
- Public transport: Very cheap and easy. Only 1,85 real when you get in until you get out! At the main road the bus stops where every you want to get in or get off.
- Kitesurf Lessons in Cumbuco: There are many kitesurf schools. Best schools are Windtown, Durobeach and Hi-Life kiteschool. Price 3x3 hours about 250 euros.
- Kitesurf Rental: See kitesurf Lessons.
- Drivers license: International drivers license is required in Brazil.
- Calling in Brazil: You can buy phonecards at the supermarket, with these you call national or international at one of the many public phones. Your mobile should work as well, but is extremely expensive.
- Kite spare parts: There are no large kiteshops in Cumbuco. Take spare parts with you. If you need stuff, Windtown Beach Resort/Spa, Hi-Life kiteschool or the Kiterepairshop.
- Kitespots near Cumbocu: Pecem, Icarai, Taiba, Paracuru, Lagoinha, Fleixeras, Mundau.
- Water: Don't drink the tap water, just buy bottles.
- Language: Portuguese.
- Wind prediction: or
- Sunscreen: Sun is extreme strong here, use a high factor. Can be bought in the local supermarket.
- Temperature in Cumbuco: Whole year around 30 degrees, water 25 degrees.
- Internet: There are many internet café's in Cumbuco.
- Well known PKRA kiters who stayed at Casa dos Ventos, Kevin Langeree, Ruben Lenten, Youri Zoon, Agela Peral, Randy Hereman.
- Cumbuco golf resort now under construction!
- Car or Buggy rental: Can be provided at Casa dos Ventos.
- Parties: There are many local parties in and around Cumbuco with the local Forro music.
- Fortaleza nightlife: Mucuripe discotheek, Pirata bar, Orbita.
- Medical attention: There is a doctor in Cumbuco. Although if you have serious injuries you have to go to Fortaleza. Ask for private hospitals.
- Cauipe lagoon downwind 7 km
- Wind direction: Wind is always coming from the right, SE


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